Happy Mug Coffee

Happy Mug is based in Pennsylvania and they have some of the best prices.  They also sell green coffee in case you are a home roaster.  They have a category of coffee called "Special Mug" that is a step above the rest at just a small premium.

Shipping: $3.00
Shipping Type: USPS 2-3 day
Price per ounce: $1.06

Mountain air roasting

Mountain Air is definitely one of my favorites.  Roasts are light without being excessively forward.  They do have a couple of dark/espresso roasts also.  Bags come in 250 gram (8.9 ounce) pouches which I find is the perfect quantity for brewing one cup a day without going bad.  Origins are frequently rotated, so there is always something new to try.

Shipping: Free
Shipping Type: USPS 2-3 day
Price per ounce: $1.19+


Just Coffee employs more traditional roast profiles, so if you are looking for a really light roast, their definition of light may be a few shades darker then your own.  But they have a very large selection of single origin and blends to choose from, so chances are you can find something to your liking.

Shipping: Free
Shipping Type:   USPS 2-3 day
Price per ounce: $1.25+


Modest produces light roasts similar to Intelligentsia.  They have three different origins available with a tiered pricing structure.  One drawback to Modest is that they only roast once a week, so if you are in dire need of caffeine stat, this is not your best option.

Shipping: Free
Shipping Type:  USPS 5 Day
Price per ounce: $1.08+

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